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Curriculum Offerings

By the grace of Allah, our students can benefit from these course offerings 
Beginner Farsi

Beginner Farsi is designed for the youngest Farsi enthusiasts. Here, they listen and familiarize with the language.

Beginner Islam

Beginner Islamic studies is designed to be an interactive class for the youngest age groups. Here, some basics of Islam and Quran are taught through story tellings, games, and activities. 

Farsi I

Farsi I allows the student to learn listening, speaking, reading and writing at the introductory level and allow them to get prepared for the advanced Farsi pursuits.

Islamic I

Islamic Studies or Deeni engages the young students to see the beauty of their moderate and progressive religion. The course is Islamic traditions as thought to us by the holy Prophet, scripture, his traditions, and the abundant teachings by his progeny.

Quran I

Quran I introduces the young student to learn reading and writing of the Holy Book. It starts with the basics of Arabic alphabet and continues to more complex abilities with ultimate goal of fluency in reading the Quran. These courses also engage the non-Arabic speaking children to become familiar with proper pronunciation as well as memorization of Surahs in a fun and interactive way.

Farsi II

Farsi II builds on the basics learned in previous course. The Farsi speaker will be taught to read and write basic farsi fluently.

Islamic II

Islamic Studies II is progression of previous course. Here, students learn to apply the material including performing prayer and Islamic history.

Quran II

Quran II builds on the intro course. Students gain better fluency with reading the holy Quran.

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